Kenanga- Economic Update- 3oth July 2015

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Kenanga- Economic Update- 3oth July 2015

Post  Melissa Pereira on Tue Aug 04, 2015 9:20 am

 Average Weighted Prime Lending Rate (AWPR): 6.98%. It has not changed compared to last week.

 Average Weighted Deposit Rate (AWDR):6.00% (Jul), 6.02% (Jun).

 Average Weighted Fixed Deposit Rate (AWFDR):7.21% (Jul) and 7.29% (Jun).

 SLIBOR Rates : 6.13% (1Day), 6.30%(7Days), 6.59%(1Month), 6.80%(3Months), 7.09%(6Months), 7.42%(1Yr).

 Inflation (Annual average change): 1.3% (Jul) and 1.7% (Jun).

Please refer the link for more details-

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