Lanka Securities Morning Note 12 August 2015

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Lanka Securities Morning Note 12 August 2015 Empty Lanka Securities Morning Note 12 August 2015

Post  Melissa Pereira on Thu Aug 13, 2015 10:09 am

Ceylon Guardian Investment Trust - Scrip Dividend – XD date
Ceylon Guardian Investment Trust - XD date (LKR 3.00 per share)
C T Holdings - Dividend payment date (LKR 2.60 per share)

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Sri Lanka’s Fitch affirms ratings of seven Finance Companies: Fitch Ratings has
affirmed the ratings of People’s Leasing & Finance PLC (PLC), Central Finance Company PLC (CF), Melsta Regal Finance Ltd (MRF), Siyapatha Finance PLC (Siyapatha), Senkadagala Finance PLC (Senka), AMW Capital Leasing And Finance PLC (AMCL) and Singer Finance PLC (SFL). PLC’s Issuer Default Rating (IDR) and National Long-Term Rating reflect Fitch’s view that PLC’s parent, the state-owned and systemically important People’s Bank (PB; AA+(lka)/Stable), has a high propensity but limited ability to provide extraordinary support to PLC if required. AMCL’s rating reflects Fitch’s view that support would be forthcoming from Associated Motorways Private Limited (AMW), which owns 90% of AMCL, given the
finance company’s strategic importance to the parent. This is based on AMCL’s role in the group, given strong synergies and operational integration. SFL’s rating also reflects its standalone credit profile, which Fitch has assessed to be at the same rating level. SFL’s National Long-Term Rating reflects higher capitalisation levels compared with its peers amid modest loan growth and improved asset-quality metrics.
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