Lanka Securities Morning Note 20 August 2015

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Lanka Securities Morning Note 20 August 2015

Post  Melissa Pereira on Thu Aug 20, 2015 10:59 am

Vidullanka - Dividend payment date (LKR 0.125 per share)

Samson International - Dividend payment date (LKR 2.00 per share)
Ceylon Guardian Investment Trust - Dividend payment date (LKR 3.00 per share)

Sri Lanka’s ruling UNP wins parliamentary election, eyes national government:
Results of Sri Lanka’s parliamentary election shows the United National Party won enough seats to be the single-largest party in the 225-seat legislature. All eyes are now on how the party aims to move forward to secure a majority and fulfill its pledge to form a national government. The United National Party obtained a total of 106 seats by winning 93 and receiving 13 from the nation list. It beat out the United People’s Freedom Alliance  which amassed just 95 seats. Ranil Wickremesinghe, the leader of the UNP, said that the majority of the country voted to consolidate the gains of the 8 January “revolution.” “Now it is no longer necessary to be divided as winners and losers. We need to unite as one family to create a new political culture in this country.” Earlier on Tuesday, ex-President Rajapaksa who led the party’s campaign appeared to concede defeat, telling Agence France Press, “my dream of
becoming prime minister has faded away.” Such a public statement, however, was not forthcoming, and the results that trickled in revealed that the United National Party had gathered the most votes.
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