Lanka Securities Morning Notes up 28 August 2015

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Lanka Securities Morning Notes up 28 August 2015

Post  Melissa Pereira on Mon Aug 31, 2015 9:54 am

Tokyo Cement Company (Lanka) - XD date (LKR 1.19 per share)
Convenience Foods (Lanka) - XD date (LKR 5.50 per share)
Associated Motor Finance - XD date (LKR 12.00 per share)
People’s Leasing & Finance - Mandatory Offer – Closure of offer period

Central of Sri Lanka – Monetary Policy Review – August 2015

Finlays Colombo – Interim Dividend of LKR 1.50 per share:
XD – 07th Sep 2015
Payment date – 16th Sep 2015

Ceylon Printers – Right Issue:

No. of shares to be issued – 25,007
Proportion in which shares are to be issued – 05 shares for every 07 shares held
Consideration for which the shares are to be issued – LKR 1,200.00 per share Purpose for which the proceeds of the issue are to be utilized – To invest in the
expansion and the upgrading of company’s printing at packaging facilities. The total
investment would amount to LKR 60mn of which the equity component of LKR 30mn is to be raised via right issue. Taprobane Holdings – Mandatory
Please refer the link for more details-

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