Sri Lanka Equity Research - How it works!

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Sri Lanka Equity Research - How it works!

Post  Merton on Mon Apr 18, 2011 4:43 pm

Dear Members!

As Investors, Brokers and Clients you may have access to various types of Research Reports and Publications circulated by Stock Brokering and other Research Firms relating to Sri Lanka and the Colombo Stock Market. We would appreciate if you could take little time in uploading these reports to this website for everyones benefit and for future reference and download.

You can upload Research Reports in 3 easy Steps.

CLICK- Click 'Upload Research' Button on the main page.
ANNEX- 'Annex' the Research Report as an Attachment or Add the link
SEND - Press 'Send' at the bottom of the screen.

Please mention the 'Name and Date of the Research Report' as the Title, 'Name of the Author' in the Description Box and 'Brief description of the Report' in the body of the message. Alternatively you may email the Research Report to and we will publish it directly.

If you are an Author or Professional Research Analyst then we could appoint you as a "Research Author" in order for you to submit your own Research Papers or Reports to the "Special Research Report" section in our home page. You can disclose your real name or pseudo name in your report. We are planning to market and monetize this section of the website with potential clients. We will also be in a position to reward our 'Research Authors" based on member responses, views and downloads upon complete monetization of the website.


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