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Power Generating Sector of CSE Empty Power Generating Sector of CSE

Post  hariesha on Sat Jul 14, 2012 12:35 am

* Out of five listed power generating companies four are 100% hydro power based while HPWR has thermal
power well as hydro power.

* All hydro power companies are experiencing a drought situation for last 18 months and currently facing the
driest period throughout their existence.

* All the companies have more than doubled their generating capacity during last 12 months.

* Out of five companies 3 have reported considerable losses in the last quarter.

* Q by Q drop in profits is more than 70% for all five companies.

* HPWR is the only hopeful in the sector as about 50% of the output comes from thermal power.

* What will be the outcome for the June 2012/13 quarter? Definitely not be better as they were the driest
months we have faced in recent times.
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