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Post  hariesha on Fri Nov 02, 2012 1:23 pm

• So far 33 companies have released quarterly results for the quarter ending 30th Sep. 2012.

• Still no body talks about much on earnings improvement, probably most on cherry picking, but results are

• Cumulative earnings for the 33 companies for Sep. 2012 quarter are 11 billion rupees comparatively to the
Sep. 30th quarter of 2011, which was 6.6 billion rupees.

• YOY increase in earnings for the quarter is a whopping 66%. When we remove extraordinary items, growth is
about 55%.

• Year to date cumulative earnings is 17.8 billion rupees against 14.6 billion rupees recorded in 2011.

• YOY increase in year to date earnings is encouraging 22%. When we remove extraordinary items in the two
years, growth is around 16%.

• Out of 33 companies, 30 companies has reported growth in core earnings

• Huge increase in profitability in the September 2012 quarter should get investor’s attention because
traditionally Sri Lankan corporates report weak earnings in June and September quarters comparative to
December and March quarters.

• If other companies also report good earnings we can assume a new growth trend has started.

• We saw lot of guys talking positively when the market was trading at 5900-6000 level. Now we can’t see
those. But actually, this is the time to be positive. Month of November 2012 will be the month for
accumulation and portfolio building.

If there are any errors, please highlight, as this is a new report.
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