BILL TAP and GREG Valuations

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BILL TAP and GREG Valuations Empty BILL TAP and GREG Valuations

Post  hariesha on Mon Nov 19, 2012 1:09 am

As there going to be a big transaction involving above stocks, I have uploaded a valuations of above companies mainly on PBV basis.

* As BILL and TAP has not released accounts since 31st March 2012, all analysis is based on data as of 31st
March 2012 for BILL and TAP.

* As all companies are of the nature of Investment Trusts, minimum and maximum prices were calculated on
PBV basis.

* As there are companies in CSE with PBV less than 1, minimum price is @ 0.7 PBV and maximum price is at
1.8 PBV.

* Gross deviations are likely in the ratios of TAP and BILL with September 2012 results.

Expect a detail analysis in the coming days.
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