Rights Issues

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Rights Issues

Post  SylviaHaik on Thu Nov 29, 2012 8:37 pm

Can someone please tell me the consequence of not participating in the Rights Issues. As a foreign investor and the companies' insistence of raising cheques and attaching to Letters of Allotments plus a 14 day deadline makes it quite difficult. Presently, Coco Lanka has a 5:4 Rights Issue (voting) @ Rs.35.00 dead.line 7th December. The closing price at at 29th November was Rs.34.40. Should I take it as a blessing I cannot participate and to buy the shares on the open market.


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Re: Rights Issues

Post  smallville on Wed Dec 12, 2012 10:22 am

When a right issue is announced, due to the attractiveness in it, the share value may go up or down. Some ppl prefer companies announcing higher proportions like 10:1 where 10 rights for each share held. So when u buy 1000 shares u get 1000 rights.

Sometimes in these occasions u may be able to sell the rights in open market for a good price too without converting rights to shares.

The buying is depend on your choice, however when rights come to the market or on the XR date (Excluding rights - means the buyer who buys shares on this date onwards is not eligible to participate in the rights scheme. Therefore the value of the normal comes down.)

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